Sex Offenders

The Problem With The Registered Sex Offender List & Our Justice System

The registered sex offender list is a valuable tool, however, it only alerts to a fraction of sex offenders. The goal of is to provide information on individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or sentencing. Many people don’t realize that when someone is arrested and have bonded out – they are free to go on living their life as normal as they wish. Thanks to a horribly flawed justice system and the fact they are “innocent until proven guilty” – offenders will drag their case out for years. Don’t you want to know if your Heating and Cooling guy is a molester? Don’t you want to know if your neighbor has been accused of rape? I sure do!

Unfortunately, many sex crimes go unreported. There’s nothing we can do about the unknown, unreported offenders. What we can do is pick up where Megan’s Law leaves off. MugWatch is a community action website for the purpose of reporting those who have been arrested and have cases pending in the court system.

Granted, NO SYSTEM is PERFECT! However, the purpose of is to alert people in Every State, County, and Town that a molester or rapist is living among them.

National Sex Offender Public Website

Find those on the national registry here