My Dirty Little Secret by Scott Spideralamode – Inspiring Strength and Courage

Last week, a friend of mine shared this video on Facebook. I have watched it numerous times since. Each time, I admire his courage a little bit more – each time, I pray that others will find inspiration and strength, through Scott, to find their own voice. Watch the video, […] Read more »

Victor Barnard – Suspected Minnesota child molester reportedly seen in Washington

Washington State Patrol detectives say they’ve gotten what they think is a credible tip that a self-professed minister accused of sexually abusing at least two girls at his religious fellowship in rural Minnesota has been seen in Raymond, near the Washington coast. Patrol Lt. Shane Nelson said 52-year-old Victor Barnard […] Read more »

Child molester sues over rape in Eastern Wash. jail

It’s called poetic justice! Karma! And it is a bitch when it comes back to collect. Personally, it is one of the thoughts that gives me the most peace – thinking, knowing that the man who molested my stepdaughter is getting just what he gave, for years! A child molester […] Read more »

6 brothers arrested for molesting North Carolina girl over decade

Six brothers are in a northeastern North Carolina jail after authorities said they molested a young girl for nearly a decade. The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk reports the men were arrested last week on charges ranging from statutory rape to sexual assault and rape of the alleged victim, who is now […] Read more »

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator

Be in the Know All Day Long – PocketFinder Personal GPS trackers allow you to track the location of loved ones with the touch of a button. Simply give the device to a child, teen, senior or other loved one and use a computer or mobile device to see their […] Read more »

The Real Sex Offenders Among Us

Since MugWatch began, I have tracked the news every day, tracking those arrested for sex crimes. The sex crimes I track are molestation and rape. The offenders that are arrested, generally post bond rather quickly and are back out and resuming their place in our communities. Unless you are on […] Read more »

Spot an Adult With a Possible Sexual Interest in Children

1. Individuals who develop a special one-on-one relationship with one child.  2. Individuals who spend excessive time alone with children who aren’t their own.   3. Individuals who take photographs of children who aren’t their own.   4. Teachers, coaches, activity providers, etc., who develop an intense ongoing relationship with a child […] Read more »

Age-Appropriate Sexual Behavior

It can be hard to acknowledge that all of us, even children, are sexual beings, have sexual feelings and are curious about sex and sexuality. Children’s curiosity can lead to exploring their own and each other’s body parts by looking and touching. They may peek when family members are in […] Read more »