A MugWatch Thank You – Timothy Johnson Has Been Escorted Back to Indiana – Awaits Sentencing

Since so many helped in spreading the word about Tim Johnson, as a fugitive, we wanted to share the details of his capture, and the success of nearly one million global strangers who came together in a fight for a greater good! Undercover police captured Knightstown fugitive on the run […] Read more »

Do It Yourself Background Checks & In-Depth Research

When it comes to protecting your family, you can’t be too careful. Many people have asked me how I conduct my own, in-depth research, so I thought I would give readers a quick lesson in “online searches” that I use most often. Keep in mind, some of the tools I […] Read more »

An Open Letter To Timothy Johnson and Those Protecting Him

Update 4/15 – CAPTURED This is an open letter to Tim Johnson, his son, his daughter, his father and all those fool enough to protect him. Some of you have sent messages to Tim’s victim telling her that it is a sin to seek revenge. You have gotten messages to […] Read more »

A Molester Ruined The Way I View The World

Do you realize that every image you view on this website is of someone who has been arrested for a sex crime and will most likely bond out of jail within a few hours of their arrest? Do you realize that once they have bonded out, and their name falls […] Read more »

What’s Your Story

Victim Stories Were you the victim of a sex crime? Do you have advise to give other victims or families of victims? Who did you tell? How did you tell? Was your offender caught? What price did they pay for their crime? Please share your story, advice, tips, and resources […] Read more »