Chelsea Wainscott and Logan Lockridge of Shelbyville Indiana Arrested for Child Molesting

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A pair of Shelbyville adults are behind bars and facing two felony counts of child molesting and a felony count of neglect of a dependent in a case involving a child.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Shelby Superior Court I, Chelsea E. Wainscott, 23, and Logan Lockridge, 26, both of Shelbyville, performed or submitted to touching either a child or the older person with a child less than 14 years of age with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of either the child or adult. The child molesting charges are Level 4 felonies.

The alleged molesting took place twice on or about a period of time between April 1 and May 4, 2015.

In addition, the two face a Level 5 felony charge of neglect of a dependent after knowingly and intentionally placing a child in a situation that endangered the child’s life or health during the same time period.

A copy of a report made by the Shelbyville Police Department paints a picture of what took place.

The child told a family member that Wainscott, who is related to the victim, and Lockridge touched him inappropriately.

An interview was conducted with Wainscott by the Shelbyville Police, while Lockridge took a polygraph test, in which he failed the question about touching the juvenile inappropriately.

According to the report, Lockridge explained that both he and Wainscott touched the juvenile. He stated that he had inappropriately touched the juvenile on two separate occasions and there may have been a third but could not remember the details.

“Logan admitted that he knew what he did was wrong. I asked Logan what he thinks should happen to him and Chelsea for what they did to (the victim). Logan stated that they should go to prison,” the report states.

In a follow-up interview, Wainscott admitted that she and Lockridge had both touched the juvenile inappropriately.

“Chelsea admitted that what she had done to (the victim) was wrong….Chelsea stated that she has a problem and that she needs to get some professional help,” the report stated.

Neither was issued a bond and Shelby County Prosecutor Brad Landwerlen will be prosecuting the case for the State of Indiana.

“I would not call it the norm, but we have one to two cases like this a year,” Landwerlen said.

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