Andre Chavarria of Escondido California Arrested for Child Molesting

Andre Chavarria-San Marcos-Escondido-San Diego County

A prosecutor on Thursday detailed new disturbing details in the case of a man accused of sneaking into children’s bedrooms to fondle them as they slept.

Andre Chavarria, 27, had three more victims in addition to the six children he’s accused of molesting in June and July of 2013 in Escondido and San Marcos, prosecutors allege.

Chavarria is now charged with 17 counts. On Thursday at Chavarria’s arraignment, a judge set bail at $7.5 million for the auto shop worker.

Deputy District Attorney Ryan Saunders said he wasn’t surprised about the elevated bail.

“This is obviously very frightening behavior,” he said. “Very scary for the community at large and the children in the community.”

The only comment Chavarria’s defense attorney had was to point out his lack of a criminal record.
Chavarria knew the children, prosecutors said, and frequented their homes. One of the incidents happened in August 2012 and involved two 8-year-olds. The other alleged incidents happened in the spring of 2014 and involved a 5-year-old.

Chavarria was arrested Monday after officials said DNA and other evidence tied him to the string of assaults.

According to officials, Chavarria, dubbed “the Creeper,” broke into homes in 2013 to sexually assault children and apparently cut pieces of their pajamas during the assaults.

Many of the incidents happened while parents were sleeping in same room, according to reports.

In the new allegations related to the 8-year-olds girls and 5-year-old girl, however, Chavarria did not cut their pajamas, prosecutors said.

Some of Chavarria’s family members attended Thursday’s hearing, but declined to speak to the media.

If convicted, Chavarria could be sentenced to life in prison.

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