Marc Alberi of Newport Maine Arrested on Molestation Charges – Out on Bail – Repeat Offender

Marc Alberi-Newport-Maine-Penobscot County

A man arrested earlier this week for allegedly videotaping an 11-year-old boy in a Walmart bathroom is a convicted child molester, and police said a search of his home turned up a laptop containing child pornography. Marc Alberi was arrested and charged Monday for possessing child pornography, having contact with a minor, and taking the alleged video.

Penobscot County District Attorney Chris Almy, is warning the public that Alberi is out on bail and a possible threat to children.

“This fella has been convicted of molesting kids. Now we have him actually videotaping a young child and being found in possession of child pornography, so the two things are linked. Not only is he an active predator molesting kids, but now he is into child pornography and I think that combination makes him dangerous,” said District Attorney Chris Almy.

According to investigators, Alberi used his smartphone to videotape the young boy using the urinal. The boy told his parents and an employee. The employee checked the online sex offender registry list and found Alberi’s photo on the Newsport offenders list.

Alberi is already a lifetime registrant because of 1998 convictions. Court documents from those convictions state Alberi was involved in sexual acts with several kids under 14. In some cases, the documents state the victims were unconscious at the time of the assault. Alberi spent five years in jail for the crimes, which included unlawful sexual contact and gross sexual assault.

This past weekend’s allegations prompted police to search his home and find child pornography on a laptop hidden under a floorboard.

A bail commissioner set Alberi’s bail at $2,500.

“He has been convicted of being a child molester, he’s out doing these pornographic videos, and that has pornographic videos in his possession makes it disturbing that he is out,” said Almy.

Alberi is not expected back in court until November. Almy said his bail cannot be revoked unless he violates bail conditions. When he appears before a judge the District Attorney’s office plans to ask the judge for a higher bail.

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