Mark Klapper of Cincinnati Ohio Serial Child Molester Facing Additional Charges

Mark Klapper-Western Hills-Ohio-Cincinnati-Hamilton County-Repeat Offender

A little boy runs out of a store bathroom and tells his father a grown man stood next to him and stared at his private parts.

Moments later that convicted child molester, Mark Klapper, tried to run from police. But he couldn’t run far enough or fast enough to get away from his sordid past. A local 12 investigation has revealed things the public needs to know about what Mark Klapper has done to other children. This is a story seen only on Local 12.

According to police, when Klapper was arrested he told the arresting officer, “I’m sorry….I was wrong.”

But in digging through Klapper’s criminal past, Local 12 found that he’s done the “wrong” things over and over again since he was 12-years-old. Klapper has been arrested more than half a dozen times for crimes against children. He likes little boys between 4 and 6-years-old according to court records. When he was arrested the arresting officer said he took the urinal next to a 4-year-old child at a West Side Target store, “in an effort to view the child’s genitals.”

Prosecutors said his plan was to “sexually gratify himself.” Local 12 found 36-year-old Klapper’s been molesting children for more than two decades. According to court records obtained by Local 12, his first victim was lured into a shed in 1990 when Klapper was just 12-years-old. That information came out in trial in 1997 when Klapper was 19. He plead guilty to gross sexual imposition on a boy under the age of five. The incident took place at Klapper’s grandparent’s house.

Prosecutors at the time said he lured the child into the home with promises of looking at cars and motorcycles. In the 1997 case Klapper was sentenced to five years on community control because of his age. Six months later, in June 1998 he was arrested in Sandusky, Ohio on two counts of voyeurism after incidents involving young boys in the shower area of a campground. That resulted in a probation violation which sent Klapper to jail and earned him the label of “sexual predator.”

The judge at that point asked Klapper if he had any idea why he did things like this to children and he answered, “No.”

After serving six months of that sentence, the serial molester was released to his mother and put on probation. In September 2005, police in Cleves again charged Klapper with gross sexual imposition on another child. That’s when Local 12 had a camera in court with him.

While serving another five year term yet another child came forward and in 2006 Klapper was charged with molesting that little boy between June and December 1996.

Sent back to prison he was released in October 2010 and put on parole. When Klapper was arrested this time, it appeared his mother once again bailed him out of custody and because court officials weren’t aware of his history his bond was set at just $1,500 of which his mom only had to pay $150. It turns out though that his current arrest violated his parole status and adult parole authorities slapped what’s called a “holder” on him. Klapper’s bond was then raised to a very real $100,000.

Klapper’s due in court Thursday for a pre-trial hearing on the current charge.


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