Steven Walters – Teachers Aide from Bronx New York Arrested for Child Molesting

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A 21-year-old teacher’s aide admitted sexually abusing three Bronx students — including an 8-year-old girl he assaulted multiple times because she “was more his type,” authorities said Tuesday.

Steven Walters, an after-school-program worker employed by Good Shepherd Services, abused the girls — ages 8 and 7 — beginning sometime last year in bathrooms and stairwells at PS 300, the School of Science and Applied Learning, according to a probe by schools Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon.

In one instance, the perv admitted to investigators that he took two of the girls, identified as Students A and B, into a second-floor landing to abuse them, officials said.

“According to Walters, Student A kept peeking around the staircase, but he was able to abuse Student B in between Student A’s peeks,” Condon said in the report.

He said he repeatedly molested Student B because she “was more his type,” officials said.

Another time, Walters allegedly instructed Student A to cover her eyes with her hoodie while he molested her.

Walters admitted ordering the girls to keep quiet, but Student A later told her mother what had happened, authorities said.

Authorities investigated the alleged sex abuse after Student A’s parents told Principal Venessa Singleton, who lodged a complaint against Walters with SCI.

The sicko told investigators that “what he did with Student A and Student B was wrong,” Condon said.

“Walters added that he would like to get some help to stop but could not do it alone,” the commissioner wrote.

Walters was arrested July 15 on charges of sexual abuse of Student A.

When interviewed by SCI investigators, Student B denied the abuse.

“According to Student B, Walters never asked to take her into the bathroom to do nasty things. Student B asserted that she never was alone with Walters in the bathroom. Student B maintained that Walters never touched her private areas,” Condon said.

But another child, Student C, told investigators that she overheard Walters tell Student B he wanted to take her into the bathroom to touch her, officials said.

The investigation also found that Walters inappropriately touched a 7-year-old, identified as Student D, who wouldn’t say anything when authorities asked her whether the teacher touched her buttocks.

“Asked whether Walters touched her anywhere else, Student D simply put her head down and shook her head no,” said Condon.

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