Ramiro Palacios of Mountain View California Arrested for Child Molesting

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A 43-year-old Mountain View man is in jail Monday night has been charged with molesting two young girls and police say they are concerned there could be more victims.

Neighbors in the mobile home park on the 400 block of Moffett Avenue in Mountain View say it’s not uncommon to hear the sound of children’s laughter.   

However, the constant presence of children in the neighborhood made the arrest of 43-year-old area handyman Ramiro Palacios even more upsetting to some people who live there.

One grandmother who was outside playing with her two grandsons didn’t know about it until we told her. 

“It’s still shocking. That’s why I don’t let my grandkids outside by themselves,” she told KTVU.

The woman didn’t recognize Palacios when KTVU showed her a picture, but police said he did work as an unofficial handyman in the neighborhood. 

Authorities told KTVU that’s how he met the 7-year-old and 10-year-old sisters who claimed to have been molested. 

“Basically what had happened is Mr. Palacios is a kind of a de facto handyman for the complex and was doing some work for the family they were staying with and lured them away on separate occasions and touched them inappropriately,” explained Mountain View police Sergeant Saul Jaeger.

A neighbor of Palacios named Tony Lima said he never saw any red flags. 

“I know that he does some contracting work around here and he seems like a good guy to me, said Lima. “I really go with the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty.”

Police wouldn’t go into details about the specific incidents but say once the girls told their parents about what happened, their parents called police immediately.   

Sgt. Jaeger said detectives went to talk to Palacios.

“He did provide a statement. I can’t get into what he did say, but based on the information he gave and based on the information they got from the parents and the children themselves, it was enough to arrest him,” said Jaeger.

Palacios was arrested on charges of lewd and lascivious acts with a child and remained in jail on Monday.  He does not have a prior criminal record, but police released his photo in the hopes that if there are any other victims out there they will come forward.

Anyone with information about victims is asked to call Detective Jessica Nanez at 650-903-6395

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