Ali Al-Awadi of Indianapolis Indiana Charged with Molestation

Ali Al-Awadi-Indianapolis-Indiana-Marion County

A 20-year-old man was arrested Friday on accusations of abusing a child at a Far-Northside day-care center, police said.

A report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said a 4-year-old girl was allegedly fondled Friday by a staff member at the Children’s Choice Learning Center at St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital.

Ali Al-Awadi, 20, Indianapolis, faces a preliminary charge of molestation in the case, said Sgt. Kendale Adams, an IMPD spokesman, on Saturday.

According to the police report, officers dispatched on a report of a child molestation went to the emergency room in the pediatric division of St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis, where they meet the child and her mother. The mother then told police that her daughter was molested by a teacher at the day-care center, the report said.

“The 4-year-old girl was able to tell police what happened,” Adams said. “She told her mother and she told detectives her version of what happened.”

Al-Awadi is being held at the Marion County Jail, Adams said.

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Update February 2015 –

The Indianapolis man accused of molesting a 4-year-old girl at a Far-Northside day care faces an additional criminal charge, after investigators found explicit photos of the girl on his phone, according to a complaint filed in federal court.

Ali Al-Awadi, 21, was charged in federal court earlier this month with a count of sexual exploitation of a child, records show.

That case is separate from the one pending against him in Marion Superior Court, where he faces a felony count of child molesting for an incident at Children’s Choice Learning Center at St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital, Marion Superior Court records show.

A 4-year-old girl told other caregivers at the day care that “Mr. Ali” had put his finger inside her during nap time, but they didn’t report the girl’s accusation to authorities until nearly 20 hours later, court records show. Al-Awadi, who worked at the day care, was allowed to continue caring for children for at least three hours after the girl reported it.

At the time he was arrested, officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department seized Al-Awadi’s cellphone.

Police later secured a warrant to search the cellphone and found several deleted photos of Al-Awadi and the little girl posing for selfies.

There also were several photos on the phone of a female child’s bare genitals, with someone pulling underwear and pants away from the child’s body, according to federal court records. The child’s underwear in those photos, black with a bright pink waistband, was identical to the pair worn by the little girl the day she reported the allegations. That underwear had been taken into evidence by police at the hospital where she was examined after telling her parents she had been touched.

Al-Awadi has denied touching the girl. He claimed the girl had “pinched her vagina on my watch” when he tried to lay her down for a nap, according to police records.

Al-Awadi, who had been out on bond in the Marion Superior Court case, was taken into federal custody earlier this month.

Both cases still are pending.

Al-Awadi also faces a misdemeanor charge of violation of privacy for allegedly violating a court order that prohibited him from having any contact with children while the child molesting case was pending. Marion County prosecutors said Al-Awadi had been living with his underage sister.

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