Scott Shaffer of Richmond Indiana Charged with Child Molesting

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A Richmond, Indiana man was arrested on a warrant charging him with one count of child molesting, court records show.

Scott M. Shaffer, 28, of Richmond formally was charged with child molesting (a Class A felony) after a 2½-month investigation.

Richmond police began looking into an incident in which a now-15-year-old female known to Shaffer accused him of molestation, an affidavit of probable cause said. The alleged acts are said to have occurred between April 2011 and April 2013, when the girl was under the age of 14.

During an interview with authorities, the victim claimed Shaffer would touch her when her mother was working.

The affidavit indicates Shaffer initially denied the allegations when interviewed by police, but as the interview continued, his answers began changing.

Shaffer said he didn’t know any reason why the victim would lie about the incident and at one point responded, “I don’t think it would have happened.” He also admitted to police the victim’s memory would be more accurate than his, according to the affidavit.

“Shaffer further admitted that at the time of the allegations that (the victim) would have been around 13 years of age or perhaps a little older with Shaffer stating that the acts would have occurred either on Boyer Street or in the Beechwood Trailer Court,” the affidavit said.

Shaffer was being held Tuesday in the Wayne County Jail on $40,000 cash bond.

Shaffer was charged with a Class A felony since the alleged crime took place before July 1, when Indiana’s new six-level criminal sentencing guidelines went into effect. Upon conviction, a Class A felony carries a sentence range of 20 to 50 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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  1. Scotty Scott says:

    What a sick mother f@cker!!! I’m so sorry that he is your brother Rusty Shaffer. And Dorothy I’m soooo sorry, but your son is a sick son of a b@tch! I think the A felony should have stuck and give him the 50 year max! Make an example out of these sicko’s. Then maybe the next person who thinks about molesting a kid might be to scared knowing they may have to do 50 years in the pen if they get caught. It would also help to protect our children if the system would stop giving plea bargains to child molesters. You touch a child you should have to do the time! The whole time! No plea agreement. Help keep our kids safe!!!! And Scotty, you got 1 hell of a rough road ahead in prison buddy! I can promise you that! Hope you can protect yourself at all times, but if you had to touch a little ass girl I doubt you can. Better tell them to put you in PC when you get to RDC. Good luck sick fu#k!

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