Jacob Witz of East Baton Rouge Louisiana Charged with Rape

Jacob Witz-East Baton Rouge-Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge

University alumnus Jacob Witz, 22, who was arrested Saturday after being accused of raping a woman he met using the dating app Tinder, was previously arrested for criminal mischief in 2010 following an incident involving his girlfriend at the time.

On Nov. 7, 2010, Witz, then a 19-year-old Louisiana State University freshman, was arrested and was eventually issued a misdemeanor for filing a false police report.

He placed a call to officers saying he was looking for his girlfriend because he feared she would commit suicide. When Witz and his girlfriend were found in his dorm room, Witz admitted that he and his girlfriend had been having a verbal dispute and that he made the incident up to get police there faster.

On Sunday, The Advocate reported the alleged rape victim told authorities the two planned to meet at her apartment. When the conversation moved to the bedroom, Witz began touching the woman’s chest, legs and shorts despite her moving Witz’s hand each time.

According to the affidavit, Witz became aggressive and pulled off the woman’s shorts. The woman claimed Witz slapped her across the face, ripped her clothing off and raped her.

The woman told detectives Witz forced her to delete text messages they exchanged, and the affidavit states Witz forced her to take a bath while he watched.

Reportedly, before Witz left the apartment, he said, “Pretend this did not happen. Don’t tell anybody. I did not rape you. I got to get out of here.”

In the Sept. 7, 2011, issue of The Daily Reveille, the Reveille published a letter to the editor titled “Sex shouldn’t be viewed through religion-colored lenses” written by someone using the name Jake Witz. The next day, The Daily Reveille posted a retraction after Witz reported he had not written the letter.

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