Adam Esquivel of Camarillo California Arrested on Molestation Charges

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UPDATE: Per recent comments and an email outreach:  Despite his police recorded admission a year and a half ago, DNA evidence, and a guilty plea to 3 felonies, he is still free, still molesting little girls, and authorities didn’t have his location until recently. Sentencing is scheduled for 10/20/2015.

Update 10/20/2015 (click here to enlarge) Case screenshot shows he has plead guilty and sentencing is set for 10/20 at 1:30 PM. Let’s hope the judge gives him what he has coming to him!

Adam Esquivel case screenshot

Update 10/24/2014: According to Ventura County Court records, this is an open and active case. A continuance in this case was granted, however, charges are still in tact.

A Camarillo, California man serving in the U.S. Navy was arrested June 25 for allegedly committing lewd acts with a 3-year-old girl, according to police.

Adam Esquivel, 38, was arrested at his home in Herron Court on three felony charges.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office won’t give many details about the case, except that Esquivel is accused of inappropriately touching the little girl when she was at his home. The victim is also from Camarillo.

Kimberly Gearhart, a public information officer with Naval Base Ventura County, confirmed Esquivel is a Chief Petty Officer with NBVC.

Esquivel was booked at the Ventura Main Jail in lieu of $250,000 bail.

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  1. Anonymous me says:

    All charges were dropped due to all accusations being false the grandma of this child had a hidden agenda for esquivel because a feud the two had. They are neighbors. I am a family member I’d like to remain anonymous please.

  2. MugWatcher says:

    Any word on how the court date went?

  3. the people says:

    Next court date 5/26/15

  4. the people says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    He pled guilty to all counts on June 26 and was convicted. Sentencing will happen on September 28.

  6. IC says:

    So sad I dated him in our early teens. Looked him up and this is what I found what a shock!! He was a total gentlemen is all I remember about him. Not near a pervert. 🙁 Prayers for all involved!

  7. I'm SHOCK says:

    I can’t believe this he is/was my boy……..In the U.S. Navy Seabees……In just can’t believe it we both together & apart went through so much & I’d @ one time trust Adam with everything I have. I’m hart broken.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if he has been released from the Navy because of this? I just hope he didn’t do anything to his own kids.

  9. MugWatcher says:

    It appears his sentencing is to take place September 28. There have been some who have been diligent in updating this thread. We appreciate that very much. I’m sure details will be shared at that time. Please do check back.

    • Laura says:

      Anyone know his status?what happened?

    • camarillo look out! says:

      Adam has been out on bail since his arrest in June of 2014. He now has a newborn baby with a woman who has 2 young daughters. They live together in his home, where the offenses took place. The police just recently uncovered that Adam was renting to are attemting to rent rooms in his home to single mothers on craigslist. Be careful everyone, between mugwatch and Megan’s law, these guys slip through the system for years, regardless of the confession 16 months ago. He is guilty and living free because the judge continued to allow continuances for no apparent reason other than this admitted sex offender wanted to welcome his new baby into the world. He’s still out, until October 20, 2015. Lookout for him he’s sick and has nothing to lose now that he’s been caught again.

      • camarillo look out! says:

        Yes, he was discharged from the Navy over a year ago, despite him telling potential renters he was being deployed soon.

        • Kevin esquivel son of Adam esquivel says:

          Fuck all of you people my father is not sick u people are all sick I am Kevin Donald esquivel son of Adam esquivel brother of his new born baby and step brother to girl friends daughters and I know my father would never molest a child that is so ubserd. You people keep saying he is a sick person well god damn it he is not ok. Put your self in my shoes for a minute and think what it is like for me to here people to talk shit about my father he is a good man so shut the fuck up and stop saying he is sick

          • MugWatcher says:

            Kevin, this site was founded by someone who is all too familiar with what it’s like to be in your shoes. It is a sad situation where there are many victims left in the wake of the actions of people like this.

            The man that molested my stepdaughter was a good man and father to his family and his kids. He had a very dark side and mental illness that caused him to do the things he did. Please don’t EVER think this is a reflection on you. EVER. Your father has plead guilty and has to pay his own consequences. I promise you, no one thinks badly of you. If anything, we are more than sympathetic to your situation.

            I know our case has been very hard on the man’s children, but sympathy for the children and families is not an excuse to just let a person go. When crimes like this are committed, the price must be paid. He chose to do what he did, all on his own – he has to own his actions and he has to accept the consequences.

            There are organizations and therapists who will work with you to deal with your own issues that have resulted from this case. I urge you to seek that help to cope with what has happened. Being the son of such a person does not make you bad at all – this has NOTHING to do with you. No one is telling you not to love your father – or even change your opinion of him. Hang in there – obviously you have a very caring heart. Don’t lose that! I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers – these types of trauma’s run deep and very wide.

          • Ronald Garcia says:

            Kevin this is Uncle Rudy, I just found out about this today July 30. 2017.. I tried contacting your dad many times but he never responded.. Now I understand why.. It’s ok son only God knows the truth. I’m not going to judge your dad because he has always been a good man, and always kind. Remember I handle these type of cases for a living so I know how this works and all the red tape.. If you need me, or Grandma we are here for you both love you Uncle Rudy.

        • Kevin esquivel says:

          You are all animals people talking dirty about my dad I should hit all of u because u people say oh I hope his kids heal and all that other shit I gust hope u know it is making it worse he has never ever done anything like it so u people want to say awful things about my father say it to my face . If u can’t say it to my face then u do not have any room to speek very poorly about my father he is and was a great man and great father and I am proud to be his son and a family member i am a proud esquivel and nothing that u say will put me down so go ahead and say it to my face cause really the only person you are hurting is yourself by denouncing one of your own people think about that next Time you want to say something from Kevin Donald esquivel

  10. AnonymousMe says:

    Shame on me? I’m a victim here as being a family member only to believe what was being said. Now I know it was all a lie and his plea of being guilty proves it. So yes shame on me for being a terrible relative for at first taking a relatives word for and and shame on me for being wrong and shame on me for being a relative period. Shame on me!!!!! Shame on me that I am so embarrassed that I don’t even know want to own up to being a relative. Shame on me that it makes me want to cry every single time I see this get brought up. Shame on me that I pray everyday that he will get put and jail and I will never have to say I am related to that man ever again. SHAME ON ME!!! Thank you for making me feel less of a person via this comment.

  11. the people says:

    Sentencing on Tuesday, October 20.

  12. Anonymous says:

    He just got up to 16 years it said. Hopefully Karma nails him while he is in prison and his boys be able to find peace and healing.

    • whaaaatever says:

      That’s nice “AnonymousMe” play the victim in this, sounds like you ARE a family member, Adam was reat at that too. (ie His fake injured at war story) You are in the wrong for posting flat out lies that not only implicates a little old lady, you also falsely informed people that a very dangerous man was not only innocent, that charges were dropped! Do some research BEFORE you post online, and yes, you should feel bad for taking over a year to admit you’re wrong. YOU put people at risk for defending a monster. SHAME ON YOU

      • Ronald Garcia says:

        Hey what ever go Fuck yourself!!! Next time you feel like Criticising and ridiculing do it while your walking on water.. I’m sure you have family members this could of have been one of them or you!! Don’t spit in the air because it will land right back in your face..

    • sadbuttrue says:

      he has 2 boys nd a baby girl ..

    • Heather says:

      Is he in jail?

  13. Mindy G says:

    He got 16 years which is what the maximum sentence is for the penal code he was charged for (288.5a). I’m really dead curious to see full details on this case (evidence) because that penal code means that he was doing things to this little girl for at least 3 months. There are times more common than others when people get wrongfully convicted of this penal code but when you look up his case it says that the jury found a factual basis for his plea of guilty. Does anyone know of that information would be released?

    • redstang says:

      you can find information on case if you visit ventura county courthouse and type his name and birth date it’ll also tell where he is located

  14. Mind G says:

    Wow I wouldn’t be so hard on who ever the anon person is they do have a point he lied to everyone about to disgusting he is. The only shame is on Adam. Jesus people you are so mental sometimes.

  15. Alma says:

    I can’t believe I am just find out what he did and the fact that I dated him back in 97-98… Wow!!

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