Jose Loza of Alamo Texas Charged with Molesting

Jose Rosalio Loza-Alamo-Texas-Hidalgo County

Sgt. Lupita Valdez with the Alamo Police Department said sex abuse cases against children are unfortunately not uncommon here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Just days ago,  Jose Rosalio Loza was arrested at his Alamo, Texas apartment for molesting three young children under the age of six.

“This individual lived in an apartment complex so that’s another issue that we have to look into as law enforcement,” explained Sgt. Valdez, “We look at his surroundings, if he had access to other children.”

The three little girls said Loza inappropriately touched them under their clothing. One of the girls even told investigators she asked Loza to stop, but he continued to touch her private area. Court documents also reveal Loza threatened the victim that “he would not buy her anything if she told anyone.”

Loza faces three counts of indecency with a child and is being held in Hidalgo County on a $210,000 bond.

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