Anthony Hart and Frank Glover of Charlestown Indiana Charged with Molestation and Incest

Anthony Hart- Charlestown Indiana-Clark County-Indiana  Frank Glover- Charlestown Indiana-Clark County-Indiana

Charlestown, IndianaAnthony Hart, 31 and Frank Glover, 50 are behind bars in Clark County, Indiana, after separate cases of child molestation and incest.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said cases like these are hitting his desk more often and he wishes he could put an end to them.

“Within the last week, I think I filed probably half a dozen child molestation charges here in Clark County,” Mull said. “It’s terrible. They’re the sort of cases where the victims go through a lot of trauma and results in a lifetime of therapy.”

In one of the two cases filed in the last week, Mull said the victim came forward almost immediately.

The victim, a young girl under the age of 14, divulged the information to a family member the morning after the acts.

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