A MugWatch Thank You – Timothy Johnson Has Been Escorted Back to Indiana – Awaits Sentencing

timothy johnson-new castle-indiana-knightstown-arcadia florida-riverside rv resort and campground-capture Since so many helped in spreading the word about Tim Johnson, as a fugitive, we wanted to share the details of his capture, and the success of nearly one million global strangers who came together in a fight for a greater good!

Undercover police captured Knightstown fugitive on the run in a Florida trailer park.
Timothy Johnson, was found at Riverside RV Resort and Campground in Arcadia, Florida which is located about 10 miles north of his father’s vacation spot – Imagine that!

A Henry jury convicted Johnson on March 18 of four counts of child molesting, two Class A felonies and two Class C felonies. Johnson has been missing since March 17, when he failed to appear for his trial. A warrant was issued for his arrest, at that time.

Johnson’s capture was coordinated by the U.S. Marshal’s Service, Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force and the Florida/Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force, with assistance from Henry County Sheriff’s office and the DeSoto County, Florida Sheriff’s office.

Johnson waived extradition in a DeSoto County court Thursday morning, allowing for his return to Henry County within 10 to 15 days. Fighting extradition would have resulted in a month or more of additional, judicial red tape.

An officer was going to drive him back from Florida, but an anonymous donor paid for his flight. Probably his enabling father – dude needs serious help. Since Tim’s dirty little secret was discovered, he has talked about suicide at least 100 times. Apparently his attorney is now trying to put together some sort of shit deal that would keep Tim out of jail, pending sentencing. The thing is, IF he were really a threat to himself, JAIL and Suicide Watch is the safest place for him.

How disgusting is that?

There is a VERY special place in hell for the ANY attorney that would represent an animal like this. And to think, these scumbags are married – as far as I’m concerned, anyone married to a defense attorney who would defend an ADMITTED molester is just as bad as their Satan-spawned spouse. Is money REALLY worth selling your soul that way?

This case drug on over a number of months (23 to be exact) because Johnson changed attorneys and withdrew a plea agreement. It’s nice to know, his victim will finally see justice in her favor.

We would like to thank everyone who helped in spreading the word. Social Media is an amazing thing. We are not certain what kind of traffic the Bad Breeders posts received, but because of that sites popularity, we’re certain it was double or more than what we received.

The details and pictures of Tim generated more than 500,000 views with more than 110k Facebook shares.

Together, we CAN make this a safer world!

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