Timothy Johnson – Knightstown Indiana Man Convicted of Molesting Running From The Law

Update 4/15 – CAPTURED

Timothy Johnson - Henry County Indiana - Knightstown - New Castle

New Castle, IndianaHenry County authorities have news for Timothy L. Johnson when they track down the 48-year-old Knightstown man — he’s now a convicted sex offender.

Johnson was set to stand trial this week in Henry Circuit Court 1 on five counts of child molesting, two Class A felonies carrying a standard 30-year prison term, and three Class C felonies with a standard four-year sentence.

Authorities said Johnson sexually abused a girl for more than a decade, with the crimes beginning when the victim was under the age of 7. The charges were filed in May 2012.

When the proceedings began Monday, Johnson wasn’t present. Judge Mary Willis issued a warrant for the defendant’s arrest, and ruled the trial would be conducted in his absence.

On Tuesday — after Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jerry Miller presented the testimony of the victim and her mother — the jury found Johnson guilty of four molesting charges.

2002 Chevy Silverado belonging to Timothy Johnson

2002 Chevy Silverado belonging to Timothy Johnson

Timothy Johnson was last seen near Greenfield, Indiana and has relatives in Fishers, Fort Wayne, Columbia City, Warsaw, North Webster and near the Ohio River. Tim drives a 2002 Chevy Silverado extended cab with the Indiana license plate of TK267LVZ.

Timothy Johnson - Henry County Indiana - Knightstown - New Castle-facebook

Timothy Johnson wearing a hat

Update 3/20 – Timothy Johnson made a bank transaction in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on Monday, March 17. Relatives suspect he may try to hide out in Tennessee or may be on his way to Florida.

Update 3/26 – Tim’s biological children live in the Columbia City, North Webster and Fort Wayne areas. There is some suspicion that he may try to make his way back to northern Indiana to be nearer his children and his granddaughter (heaven forbid).

Update 4/2 – Tim is still on the run so we continue to be diligent in sharing the details we have, in hopes of locating him. We know he has family living in the following areas:

Indiana: Aurora, Fort Wayne, Fishers, Greenfield, Columbia City
Florida: Punta Gorda
Vermont: North Hartland

Update 4/9 – Since Tim is a fugitive, it’s believed he is hiding out in close proximity to his son, daughter or father. People living in Columbia City, Fort Wayne, North Webster and Fishers, Indiana are asked to be especially observant. If you do see this guy, you are urged to call 911 immediately.

4/11 – Printable PDF for distribution – Please help us get this guy

For those who are in contact with him or may be helping him hideYOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW! Are you prepared to pay the price of aiding and abetting a known fugitive? If he cared about you – he would not put you in that position! He is NOT the victim! MT is and You Are! He spent more than a decade mastering his lying skills. THINK PEOPLE! THINK!

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Thanks to these sources for their help in trying to catch this predator

WNDU Channel 16 – Northern Indiana

Bad Breeders – Bad Parent Blog

Stacey Page Online

Henry County News Wire

The Star Press

Barbee Lakes Neighborhood Crime Watch

Dream Catchers for Abused Children

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