An Open Letter To Timothy Johnson and Those Protecting Him

Update 4/15 – CAPTURED

This is an open letter to Tim Johnson, his son, his daughter, his father and all those fool enough to protect him.

Some of you have sent messages to Tim’s victim telling her that it is a sin to seek revenge.

You have gotten messages to her telling her that she HAS to forgive Tim for what he did to her.

And, you are obviously under some delusion that he can hide from the law the rest of his life or until the justice system has pity on him enough to reduce his sentence.

· You do realize that every day Tim runs, the sentence grows longer and harsher. Right?

· You do realize that running from the law does NOT an innocent man make. Right?

· You do realize that it is a crime to aide a fugitive in any way. Right?

Anyone who knows there is a warrant out for Tim Johnson (if you didn’t, you do now); knows where he is and does not report him to authorities, IS BREAKING THE LAW. Right?

The fact that you are “communicating without communicating” through loving Facebook posts, or by exchanging emails, text messages and/or phone calls means Tim is manipulating you just as he has always done with his victim.

Can you NOT see the selfishness of this man?

He is placing each and every one of you at risk.

Tim knew his father signed his bail which was a guarantee that he would appear in court – yet he refused to show up, thus forcing his father to be held accountable for the ENTIRE bail amount.


Every time he asks one of you to help him, to help him get the basic necessities he needs to live – it’s an act of pure selfishness.

Selfish! Selfish! Selfish!

To Tim’s Minions of Bible Thumpers

Those of you who have been quoting the Bible to Tim’s victim – I grew up in church and I have done a whole lot of praying and soul searching during this last two years, because I struggle, every. single. day. With a huge amount of hatred and disgust for the vile human being that would molest a child and continue to molest her for YEARS!

God Answered Me!

Forgiveness, according to the Bible can only be extended to someone who ADMITS the truth and asks for forgiveness.

Tim has LIED repeatedly about what happened. He apologized to those who would be beneficial to HIS CASE – but NEVER to his victim!

Over time, bits and pieces came out, and if all those pieces were put together – the whole story begins to emerge. So do NOT tell his victim that she has to forgive anyone!

You cannot forgive a LIAR!

Revenge: As for the part about revenge – The Bible makes it clear that anyone who would bring harm to a child, it is better for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and them be cast to the depths of the sea.

Tim’s fate is sealed people! SEALED! Don’t you get it?

The courts found him guilty. The jury found him guilty in ONE HOUR! He admitted his guilt by not showing up. He has admitted his guilt (albeit GREATLY skewed down) to his family.

· A real man, with true remorse would NOT run.

· A real man, with true guilt would accept his punishment.

· A real man, would not ask anyone he truly loved to BREAK THE LAW for him!

Recognizing Evil

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Tim. We were at a sporting event in 2010. I could see him from the corner of my eye. There was something VERY disturbing to me about the way he looked at the young girls on the floor. So disturbing in fact, I could feel the hair raise up on the back of my neck.

I expressed my opinion to my husband – who quickly shut me down and said “as long as he’s good to my kids, that’s all that matters.” I never spoke of my suspicions again – until…

The evening I learned of the horrible secret she had been keeping for so long, that same feeling came rushing back. I knew, that day, that my faith was revealing a deep evil in him.

Since that day, I have been committed to seeing justice served for my stepdaughter. God placed her in my life, in a different way than he did my own children, but she’s mine, nonetheless. As such, I will not rest until I see justice served. Until then, I will make sure that Tim’s face and his crimes remain active online. The world will know who he is and someone, somewhere will see him. He can run, but he cannot hide.

Tim’s Children – I actually felt sorry for you for a long time. How horrible and painful to know that your dad was capable of something so vile. YOU ARE HIS victims too. What kind of man asks his children to break the law? The mother of his grandchildren even? Think about your OWN children. Think about your own future – he sure isn’t. He only thinks about your future with HIM in it. That’s selfish and SO narcissistic!

Tim Supporters – he may be telling you it was “only touching” but it was NOT. Do you really think you’re going to get the full story from him?

Tim is a pedophile/predator – one who thinks just because there was no penetration than that means it “wasn’t that bad” but when he did everything else BUT that, and for over a DECADE – it is BAD BAD BAD! Don’t feel sorry for him! Think of the child he held captive for her ENTIRE childhood. He’s spent more than a decade mastering his lies and manipulative skills – just think about it!

Pedophiles are broken – very broken. It’s not something that can be rehabilitated or cured. A pedophile prefers children. They ARE sexually attracted to CHILDREN. It is horrible and is usually linked to someone doing the same thing to them when they were young. I have to admit, I have wondered if that isn’t why SOME people are so accommodating when it comes to taking care of Tim.

If you are reading this and you know where Tim is, you ARE BREAKING THE LAW!!!!

· Are you prepared to go to jail for him?

· Are you prepared to live with the stress of keeping such a LARGE secret?

And those of you who profess to be so Christian-like…

· Are you prepared to stand before Christ and explain why you would protect a molester?


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