A Molester Ruined The Way I View The World

molestation destroys many lives Do you realize that every image you view on this website is of someone who has been arrested for a sex crime and will most likely bond out of jail within a few hours of their arrest?

Do you realize that once they have bonded out, and their name falls off the front page of news feeds, most people will forget they even exist?

Do you realize that the molesters that appear on this website will be back out in society within hours of their arrest?

I don’t want to be the one to lay a cloud of darkness in your life but when you’ve been where I have been the last couple of years, you begin to see the world in a whole different light.

Since the man who molested my stepdaughter was arrested and bonded out 12 hours later, I have seen the world in a very different way.

Suddenly, the man in front of me in the checkout line, the service repairman who knocks on my door, the dad sitting in the bleachers watching his daughter play ball, the coach, the youth minister – they all become suspect.


Because the molester who stole the entire childhood of my stepdaughter, also stole my ability to look at the world with an ounce of trust.

For TWO years, that man worked as a heating and cooling service man. Every day, I thought about the families who were opening their doors to him, inviting him into their homes and around their children. Every day, it has haunted me.

I cannot encourage parents enough to read up on the tell-tale signs of a molester or pedophile. Learn to recognize them. Teach your children that NO MATTER what anyone says, NO ONE can hurt them and get away with it. Teach your children to know how a mom and/or dad take care of their young. Show them YouTube videos of protective mama bears or lionesses. Let them know that is how you wish to protect them.

By giving your children the image of a protective you, you are giving them the power to stand up against anyone who may bring harm to them.

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