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Victim Stories

Were you the victim of a sex crime? Do you have advise to give other victims or families of victims? Who did you tell? How did you tell? Was your offender caught? What price did they pay for their crime? Please share your story, advice, tips, and resources that have helped you. Submit Your Victim Story

Offender Stories

I do not believe everyone listed on the Sex Offender Registry should be there. I do not believe every offender will reoffend. I do believe there are people who have committed crimes, were the victim of trickery or were wrongfully convicted. It is my own empathy toward those offenders who were also victimized that serves as the basis for giving offenders a voice.

I know there are websites out there that look to extort offenders for having their mugshots or names removed from their website. To me, that is a crime, in and of itself. Details to submit offender stories below…

My Personal Disclaimer

I will NEVER have an ounce of empathy for the molester that prompted me to create this website. He admitted his guilt to his wife (yes, she’s still married to him), his own children, and the victim’s grandparents yet he has never, not one time, apologized for his actions, not to his victim or anyone!

He has manipulated the justice system for more than two years, with continuances, delays, and excuses, trying to get a lighter sentence than the 100+ years he is facing.

It is my opinion, that any one who knows they are guilty of a horrible sex crime but further victimizes their victim by accepting plea of 30 years then withdrawing it three days before sentencing. And, by waiting until the day before trial to request a continuance? That is NOT someone who is sorry for their actions. Anyone who uses these tactics are not remorseful, they are not concerned about their victim or the others who are further victimized by his manipulative antics.

If you are an offender that knew you were guilty but continued to victimize your victim or if you are an offender that wants to wallow in self-pity rather than owning your mistake, please do NOT submit your story. That’s not what MugWatch is about!

Not All Offenders Are Created Equal

That does not mean I believe every offender fits the same mold. Juvenile offenders, those offenders entrapped by sting operations, I’m sure there are several who don’t belong on that list. And if an offender is truly remorseful, they will have it in their heart to do something with their situation to help others.

That’s why I invite offenders to share their stories.

It is my hope:

  • that offender stories shared here will rank higher on the searches than those websites with ill-intent.
  • that stories shared here will help parents protect their children by learning from those who offended and paid their debts to society.
  • that offender stories will help offenders who are truly remorseful, who have learned from their mistakes and who want to live a healthy, fulfilling, crime-free lifestyle will be accepted in their communities and receive the support and encouragement to continue healing because of their story shared on MugWatch.

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