Veteran San Jose California firefighter arrested on child molestation and drug charges

Mario Cuesta-san jose california-firefighter

The entire San Jose Fire Department is devastated after a raid resulted in the arrest of one of their own on disturbing charges of crimes against children.

There’s new information from the California Justice Department on the San Jose firefighter accused of drug and sex crimes against minors.

Department of Justice spokesperson Michelle Gregory says investigators are going through the evidence they have. What they find could lead to additional charges. Right now, Mario Cuesta is looking at possession and sales of narcotics, sex acts with minors, and child molestation. The DOJ, which is heading up the task force investigating the 53-year-old, hasn’t yet determined how many potential victims might exist.

“If there are other victims out there, people that have information, anybody that knows additional information, please give us a call and share that with us,” said Gregory in a phone interview.

Meanwhile, investigators are examining the evidence collected Thursday from his home and office.

The special multi-agency task force that arrested Cuestas for selling drugs and having sex with teens put two months into their investigation. However, we’re told the brass at fire headquarters were tipped off two years ago of possible drug activity.

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