Fleetwood Peeples of Winter Park Florida admitted to molesting boys

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In a newly released report, 76-year-old Fleetwood Peeples, Jr., admitted to molesting young boys.

According to the arrest report, Peeples told police he took Polaroids of children in his Boy and Cub Scout troops.

“Peeples became nervous and stated he was gong to jail for what he has done and started to cry uncontrollably,” the report said.

Police obtained a search warrant for his car and storage unit after an officer saw child pornography on a camera belonging to Peeples. Inside the unit, the found additional photographs and films of children posed in lewd and lascivious manners.

Peeples told police some of the children were from his neighborhood and others were scouts he took camping.

Boy Scouts of America officials said they are saddened to learn about the allegations against Peeples.

“This individual is not currently a member but because we take the safety of our youth members seriously, we took immediate action to permanently ban this individual from participating in our program in the future,” said Bill Gosselin, Boy Scouts of America Central Florida chapter spokesman.

The chapter confirmed Peeples was a leader from 1980 to 1982.


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  1. James says:

    This is so so sad. Fleet’s heart would be broken!

    • Mugz says:

      Sad indeed! People don’t realize how many victims ONE pedophile/molester/rapist creates until it hits very close to home.

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